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The Guthrie Project's charter used to include the design and construction of websites. These days though, interests lie elsewhere. As a result, new web projects are no longer being taken on. Existing web clients continue to have their requirements met and are often updated with some regularity. If you're a friend of Ben and are looking for some web design services and you ask very politely, you may find a helpful hand. If not, you could try any of these people instead: Sydney Web Designers, via Google.

The buttons below show a handful of sites that were designed and constructed by The Guthrie Project. Click on an image to take a look at a site.

The Guthrie Project Website The Guthrie Project
Flowers for Kate Website Flowers For Kate
EFTherapy Website EFTherapy
Hagan Built Website Hagan Built
Welsh + Major Architects Welsh + Major
Valencic + Associates Website Valencic + Associates
Oikos Architects Oikos Architects
Scope Architects Website Scope Architects
The Leotard Website The Leotard
GNC Quality Website GNC Quality
The Annandale Institute Website The Annandale Institute
Perspective Projects Website Perspective Projects
TK Legal Website TK Legal
Happy Yogi Website Happy Yogi
Phoenix Music Website Phoenix Music
Occupational Therapy for Kids Website O.T. for Kids
Batalha Design Website Batalha Design
Cutting Edge Carpentry Website Cutting Edge Carpentry
Clive Guthrie Website Clive Guthrie
Beyond Secret Sydney Website Secret Sydney

Websites by The Guthrie Project - Project Details

The Guthrie Project -

· site for a building designer, renovator, developer, photographer, I.T guy and web designer

· site content updated monthly since 2012

The Annandale Institute -

· an e-Commerce site, using a SquareSpace backend, for an emotionally focused therapy Institute

· launched late 2015, updated mid 2017

Sparkitect -

· an electrifying little holding page for an architect-come-electrical-guy

· launched late 2016

Hagan Built -

· Simple & punchy, this little site displays the wares of a local boutique construction company

· launched late 2015

Welsh + Major -

· a customised 'SquareSpace' site for a super-hot Sydney architectural practice

· launched late 2015

Perspective Projects -

· an elegant, image-heavy site with a simple-but-punchy menu system for a boutique Sydney design practice

· launched early 2015, site and business name no longer in operation

Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy -

· a text-heavy website for an educational institution teaching the application of emotionally focused therapy

· site updated annually since 2000

Wise Willow Tree -

· project management and design development of a 'shopify' e-store

· launched mid 2014, site / business no longer in operation

The Leotard -

· project management and design development of a content-heavy 'shopify' e-store

· launched mid 2014

Oikos Architects -

· a content-rich site for a small arhcitectural practice in Balmain

· site designed, built and launched mid 2014

TK Legal -

· a multi-lingual website for a Chinatown law firm, with opening animations and phone-friendly navigation

· site designed, built and launched early 2014

Phoenix Music -

· a modest and humble redirection page for an established online music store

· site built early 2014

Flowers For Kate -

· a small image-based site for a floral buyer, macramé-creator and photographer

· site created 2013, content updated live via social media feeds daily

Scope Architects -

· webpage for an architectural practice, using an innovative approach to website navigation

· site first created 2006, completely redesigned 2013

GNC Quality -

· a site for master builders, showcasing many years of built work

· site created 2013, minor design amendments and content updates in 2014

Valencic + Associates -

· a simple and clear yet comprehensive webpage for an emerging architectural practice

· site content updated quarterly since early 2013

Clive Guthrie -

· a humble business card page for my dad

· last updated 2013

Cutting Edge Carpentry -

· a very simple landing card page for my brother, a sole-practice carpenter and joiner

· last updated 2014

Batalha Design -

· a simple business card page for a small Sydney design practice

· last updated 2013

Happy Yogi -

· webpage for the happy yogi, including class details, pricing and live facebook and instagram feeds

· content updated quarterly since 2010

Tzannes Associates Intranet

· private, content-heavy, internal intranet site for an established architectural practice

· last updated by BLG 2013

Simpson Design Associates

· website for a structural engineering practice

· original site now superseded, last updated by BLG 2009

Tzannes Associates Website

· a simple landing page for an architectural practice

· original site now superseded, last updated by BLG 2007

Occupational Therapy for Kids

· a simple, colourful site for a childhood Occupational Therapist

· business no longer in operation, site last updated 2007

Welsh + Major, Architects

· webpage for an emerging architectural practice

· original site now superseded

Beyond Secret Sydney

· site for my mum's walking tour company, with two tiers - one aimed at sydney-siders, the other at tourists

· business no longer in operation, last updated 2003

Spark, Experimental Drawing Project

· a collaborative art project, manifested in the form of an interactive website

· site no longer in operation, last updated 2001

Paragrid Architecture

· webpage for an inner-west architectural practice

· original site now superseded, last updated by BLG 2001

Distress World

· blog site for an over-seas traveller

· site no longer in operation, last updated 2000

Ben Guthrie

· webpage for a student looking for a job in architecture

· original site last updated by BLG in 1999, now superseded by

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