TimeLapse Movies by The Guthrie Project

In recent years, photographic pursuits at The Guthrie Project have been slowly evolving toward time-lapse video output. The time-lapse movies below cover a variety of genres, including architectural photography, building construction processes, and more ethereal sequences of the night skies or changing landscapes. This is just a small selection of time-lapse projects; for a broader selection visit the Guthrie Project's Vimeo page.

If you're seeking professional time-lapse footage of your project, contact Ben to seek a fee proposal.

A Day in the Life of a Sculpture

· Nicole Larkin's 'Dynamics in Impermanence', Oct 2016

· Sculpture by Nicole Larkin

· Photo, Video & Audio by The Guthrie Project

Piling Prowess

· Construction works in Alexandria NSW, May 2016

· Building by Infinity Constructions

· Music by Chris Zabriskie

Hazy Promenade

· The Sydney Opera House Undercroft, on a hazy Saturday morning, May 2016

Grid Installation

· Three hours one Friday morning; putting Grid together in Chippendale, May 2016

· Architecture by Carter Williamson

· Fabrication by Go Steel

· Music by Chris Zabriskie

Homebush Hulk

· The rusting hull of the SS Ayrfield, Homebush Bay, Sept 2015

Pivot Doors in Motion

· Watching the poetry of a large pair of pivot doors, May 2016

· Architecture by Carter Williamson

· Construction by Ciolino Constructions

· Music by Chris Zabriskie

Trip The Light Fantastic

· Looking back into the projector, Sydney Opera House Forecourt

· Vivid Sydney, June 2015

· Music by Chris Zabriskie

Click here to see more timelapses on the Guthrie Project's Vimeo page.