Dangrove Construction Progress Videos

The videos below are draft videos that show the ongoing site construction progress at the Dangrove art storage facility in Alexandria. These are essentially working files presented as mini-episodes that will later form the basis of a single video that will endeavour to show the entire construction process from start to finish.

Dangrove Construction 05 - Steel Installation, March - May 2017

Dangrove Construction 04 - Pre-cast Concrete Installation, Oct 2016 - March 2017

Dangrove Construction 03 - Crane Install & Ground Floor Slabs, June - August 2016

Dangrove Construction 02 - Piling,, May 2016

Dangrove Construction 01 - Demolition, Oct - Nov 2015

Click here for still photography of the Dangrove Construction Process.

Click here to see more timelapses on the Guthrie Project's Vimeo page.

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