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While most days are usually spent in pursuit of architectural photography, free evenings and the occasional day between paid gigs permit Ben to chisel away at other long-term projects. These other projects cover a wide array of creative disciplines and include night & astroPhotography, architectural design & construction, interior design, web design & development, I.T. Support, and the occasional art installation. The sections below include links to bits and pieces of this disparate yet disciplined and ongoing output.

Building & Interior Design

Despite not being registered as a practising architect, Ben has worked on a variety of architectural projects as a project & documentation architect over a period of more than fifteen years. After a short stint of a bit under two years working with the Government Architect's Office at the then NSW Department of Public Works, Ben moved on to Tzannes Associates where he spent twelve years working on a broad range of projects ranging from the planning of town centres, through school design, commercial interiors, apartment building design and right through to the requirements of single-residential architecture & interiors. Since devoting himself to full-time private practice under the banner of The Guthrie Project, Ben has continued to take on the occasional buiding design project. Other related private practice has also included the design and construction of three apartment interiors in Sydney's Inner West. You can see some of this building design and hands-on construction work via this link:

A Fluttering Shutter

A fluttering glimpse through time. Speeding through life in a blur, camera shutter open, this series of photographs is an ambiguous take on urban life in a new millennium. A Fluttering Shutter is a photographic project that consists of long-exposure photographs and/or multiple-exposure photographs, primarily captured within urban contexts while travelling at speed. These images have not been generated digitally, but have been captured entirely in-camera. You can take a peak at a small selection of this emerging series of semi-abstract photography via this page: A Fluttering Shutter. For more regular updates on this body of work you can also follow along at the separate Instagram page devoted exclusively to blurry, half-formed, urban photographic visions: At some point in the not-too-distant future, a separate online store will be established to sell prints from this series.

The Colour of Night

An ongoing fascination with the vastness of the night sky above us and the scale of our tiny world in relation to that which seems perpetually out of reach continues to draw Ben's camera to darker places. Places where people are few and stars are plentiful. This sub-set of Guthrie Project photographic output has a loose working title of 'The Colour of Night'. You can have a look at a small selection of this evolving series of night photography via this separate webpage: For more regular updates on this body of work you can also follow along at the separate Instagram page devoted exclusively to nightScapes at this page: At some point in the future, a separate online store will be established to sell prints from this series. Watch this space.

Photographic Portraits

The landscape of the human face is a wonderful, intriguing, mysterious, joyful thing. When opportunity permits, the flashes, gels, grids, soft-boxes and other light modifiers come out and portraits are made. To look at few examples, feel free to click through to the following link:

Landscape Photography

Not far from architectural photography is the related discipline of landscape and urban photography. A small selection of this kind of work can be seen here:

Wedding Photography

While he tries not to make a habit of it (they're bloody long and tiring days), Ben has photographed a small handful of weddings. There's a small selection of pictures from some of these events here:

Perpetual Self-Portrait

Ben takes a picture of himself every day. He's been doing it since 1999. In a way, it's a documentation of slow decay and decline. There's probably some terribly narcissistic underpinning to this little project, but now that it's started, and years and years of photos are on file, it's hard to find a reason to stop doing it. The following page contains a few contact-sheets from recent years; one day the rest of the set might find its way onto this little backwater of the interwebs. You can have a look here: Perpetual Self Portrait

Web Design

Though not formally trained in any related way whatsoever, another part of Ben's skillset has included the design, development & construction of a number of websites (including the one that you are viewing right now). While new web projects are not currently being taken on, you can see some of The Guthrie Project's web design output via this link:

InstaGram Pages

The online instaGram forum is where you'll find the most recent Guthrie Project photographic updates. We have three separate insta feeds, the first being the primary Guthrie Project page here: @theGuthrieProject, the second being the 'Fluttering Shutter' page of semi-abstract, urban, fine-art photography here: @aFlutteringShutter and the third is a page that is devoted exclusively to nightScapes, which you can follow via this link: @theColourOfNight


The ubiquitous faceBook page. Everyone's got one, including The Guthrie Project. This is the closest thing you'll find to a Guthrie Project blog. You can follow along via this link:


Time-lapse and other video work tends to be uploaded to Vimeo more regularly than any other Guthrie Project sites. You can follow along via this link:

Steller Stories

Do you Steller? Occasionally (read: seldomnly) Ben posts stories to the social story-sharing platform called Steller. You can read previously posted stories here:

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